Fostering Animals

Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster parents are a vital part of our work. Every animal that you foster is given a second chance at life – and the more animals you foster, the more lives you help save.

Many of the animals that come into the Napier SPCA need a little extra care before being adopted. Foster parents provide a temporary home for these animals as they recover from surgery or illness, or simply to put on a little weight before being desexed.

While each animal is different, the typical length of stay is 3 – 5 weeks. Once they are ready, the animals come back to the Napier SPCA and are put up for adoption.

To be foster parent you need to have your own transport so you can pick up the animals and bring them in if they need to visit with the vet. You must have a secure area to keep them safe and contained, and away from any pets that you have at home. This could be a spare bedroom, a laundry or bathroom, or a sunroom. Foster cats and kittens must remain indoors at all times.

We understand that looking after an animal can be a big undertaking, and we want to make it as easy as possible. Purina is our major sponsor and they generously supply the Purina One food for foster animals. We also supply litter, litter trays, bedding, toys, bowls, and anything that we have on hand to make the animals comfortable while they are staying in your home.

Being a foster parent is a rewarding experience that gives you the opportunity to make a real difference in saving lives.

Please contact us on (06) 835 7758 or email us on zn.gr1534872887o.acp1534872887sreip1534872887an@of1534872887ni1534872887 for more information.