Registrations are now open for SPCA Cupcake Day 2016!

Sign up now to join thousands of New Zealanders on Monday 15 August as they grab their spatulas to fight animal cruelty with cupcakes!

How can you help?
It’s so easy! Simply BAKE and decorate some delicious cupcakes, SELL them to your friends, family or colleagues and MAKE lots of money for animals in need.

There are heaps of fun ways for you to get involved in SPCA Cupcake Day:

  • Host a cupcake party: Bake tasty treats to sell to friends, family and neighbours
  • Sell cupcakes at work: Either buy the delicious Heaven’s Bakery cupcakes or bake your own to sell.
  • Get the kids involved: Hold a cupcake sale at your school or community group