SPCA Education Programme

Every year, our SPCA Centers care for thousands of animals in need, and investigate thousands of animal welfare complaints.  Looking at these statistics told us that we need to invest in education to impact the way people are treating animals in our country.

So for the past two years, we have been researching and developing the SPCA Education Programme.  We believe this is one of the most important steps we have taken to reduce animal abuse in the SPCA’s 127 year history.

This evidence-based education programme uses animal welfare topics to teach children subjects of the New Zealand curriculum. It teaches animal welfare in a practical, real life way, for example: children might learn mathematics by calculating the costs of owning a pet, or persuasive  skills by delivering a speech on the importance of desexing.

The nationwide launch follows a successful pilot programme in 22 Auckland primary and intermediate schools. Results from the pilot study show a strong shift in students’ knowledge, understanding and attitudes about animal welfare. A significant part of the programme is also about children developing empathy towards animals.

Thanks to our generous SPCA supporters, we’ve been able to offer the teaching resources completely free of charge to all 2,127 primary and intermediate schools in New Zealand.

By changing the way our children think about and behave towards animals, the SPCA hopes we can create a better future for all animals in New Zealand.SPCA Kids poster

Primary and Intermediate school teachers can register at: www.teachers.spcaeducation.org.nz

Kids and parents can check out the student portal at: www.kids.spcaeducation.org.nz